Article Processing Charges

Biohelikon uses a donation-based business model, where author need not have to pay for article processing charges. After the article is accepted, we will ask for a donation, which authors or their friends and colleagues can voluntarily support the journal.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is open peer review?

We provide open peer review, where reviewer comments are made public after an article is published. One can view the reviewer comments using the access code available with the article.

How many peer-reviews is expected for an article?

You can expect a minimum of 3 reviews per article. Your article will be accepted/ rejected based upon the positive/ negative reviews submitted by the reviewer.

Where are articles of Biohelikon indexed and archived?

Biohelikon ensures security and availability of published scientific data. All the articles published in Biohelikon are indexed in Google Scholar, OpenAIRE and archived in Zenodo and other third-party services. DOI will be assigned to all published article by Zenodo.

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